Free Tools – Document Your Servers

has very generously posted some scripts which allow you to document your servers. One is an SMS documentation script and the other is a MOM documentation, with more to come.

I will warn you, these scripts produce reports of over 100 pages.

Nifty Exchange Script

I saw this tip on The Lazy Admin submitted by reader Andy Grogan. He wrote a script which will backup certain mailboxes based on OU.  The article, script and the command syntax can be found on TLA.

The Lazy Admin website is a great source for scripts and tips to help you out. Now that Rodney is working for Microsoft Canada, I’m sure we’ll see even more great tips and information.

I’m subscribed, and I would suggest you should be too.

Laser Printer Shopping for a DOS Program

An old DOS based accounting system (NEBBS) was what the printer had to work with. It is running on a Windows ME machine so this gives you a bit an idea on the age of the computer as well. This is for my wife’s boss and she had an old lexmark inkjet printer fail. I brought over an old laser printer I had kicking around the house, lexmark as well. It worked with NEBBS half decent but had a habit of smearing the cheques (heat problem I think) and it is a huge heavy printer.

We went out tonight and bought a Lexmark E230 to replace the SE3455 which I had brought over. The SE3455 is nice and all but it was a bit big in size and was overkill for the amount of printing they do. I was happy when the E230 started printing when we asked NEBBS to print.  I have always had good luck with the Lexmark printers working with legacy applications as long as I stuck to either printing to it from the network or through the LPT port. They had bought a different brand printer last year but it didn’t work with the application.

If you are stuck looking for an inexpensive printer which will work with a legacy application, try the a Lexmark printer. They always seem to work in a pinch with different operating systems. I’ve seen the new ones work with VAX VMS, linux, DOS and Windows without any real problems.

NTBackup Doesn’t work with Virtual Server R2 SP1 Beta 2

If you are playing with Virtual Server R2 SP1 Beta 2 and want to back up a running VHD file without stopping and starting the virtual machine, you will be able to, but not with NTBackup.

When I was reading this on I thought it meant within the Virtual machine, but in reading I figured out they meant backing up at the host machine level.

Back to School -Ottawa Windows Server User Group Certification Study Group Starts Again for another Session

Monday September 18th, we start up the Study group again this time focusing on 70-291. It is being hosted at CTE Solutions on Holland St at 6:00. All the information can be found at There are still some spots available so if you are interested, check out the information and send an email off to Brad.

I found it helpful, it was that kick in the hind end to get me going and I passed the 70-290 exam at the end of June.  Congratulation to Ben who also passed the exam a couple days back.


I was having a problem up in one of the remote branches. They use Satellite to connect up to the Internet and then terminal session to use the main application. Problem was we kept getting booted out of the terminal session when connected via the satellite. I’d set them up on dial up and away they go. I knew something had to be not quite right here, the dish is 512k, the phone line is 56k. I know dish has latency issues, but this was more of a freeze right up then just delay.

Discovered the router had Q0S, so I cranked up the priority on a terminal session and lowered the http priority. So far so good.

Get a temporary email address

First off, lots of iPod action going on today. Not going to bother about it, nothing much more to say that hasn’t been said. Probably going to get or a few other games for my 5G iPod though.

But I did see a write up on on Lifehacker and thought it was a useful little tool. I am always leery about using an email for signing up to something; I have a few spam mailboxes just for that. You set up a mail address, and mail gets forwarded to your mailbox for as long as you want. This way you don’t need to hand out your real email and if the spam starts flowing into it, just shut it off and make a new one. Pretty handy.

Link to Get a temporary email address with Spambox – Lifehacker

Get up to Speed on Windows Vista

Damir, over on the Canadian IT Pro Blog on Microsoft Technet pointed out there are new Step by Step guides for various topics on Windows Vista. His post can be found here ->

I have downloaded them, printed a few but I haven’t made it much further with them yet. I hope to have them read by the end of the week.

Exploit for Word 2000

There is a new exploit for Word 2000 floating around. Microsoft might post an out-of-cycle patch for this exploit.

Check out the Microsoft Advisory at

First Post

This blog is going to be mainly about my adventures a SysAdmin. I hope to post some instructional guides and pointers on technology. I also plan on having some posts on gardening and other non-tech related activities.