Setting up an Office 2010 KMS Host Server

This morning was quiet in the office so I decided to tackle adding Office 2010 to my Microsoft Deployment Toolkit installation.

I’ll cover off how you do the add and the options in another post but in order to activate Office 2010, you have two options now; KMS or MAK. Microsoft has moved the licensing of Office to be like that of Windows 7. Makes plenty of sense, but how do you set up your infrastructure so you can activate Office 2010?

I already have a Windows 2008 R2 Server acting as my KMS Host for Windows activations so I used that server. Don’t have a KMS Host for activating Windows 7 or Vista yet, check my post on setting up a . If you just want to use KMS for Office 2010, then that is fine too. You need to head to and download Microsoft Office 2010 KMS Host software. I chose to run it on my existing KMS Server, but if you don’t yet have a KMS Server, the machine you run this on will become your KMS Host for Office 2010.


Accept the EULA and click continue and it will install.


Once the file runs, it will ask you for you KMS Key for Office 2010.


Click Yes and enter the key.


It will then return whether it was successful or not.


That is all there is to it.

Once you start installing Office 2010, the KMS activation key is already defaulted in the installation. The installation will search out your KMS host server. If everything is working properly on the DNS side, then it should activate and you will be off to the races.

If you get stuck, here are some other resources:


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45 Thoughts on “Setting up an Office 2010 KMS Host Server

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  2. I followed these instructions but it’s not working at all. All the screen shots are exactly the same but when I run the command “slmgr.vbs /dli” it only shows the Windows 7 VOLUME_KMS_W7 channel, nothing for Office 2010 KMS. I’m having trouble finding any additional info on what to do next. I’ve re-installed the Microsoft Office 2010 KMS Host software several times, and we have a good Office 2010 KMS license. Help. thank you

    • When I run that command, I only see Volume_R2_KMS_B Channel. As long as requests are hitting the KMS Server and your Office 2010 products are being activated, you should be good to go.

      Use the VAMT 2.0 to help you manage your KMS and MAK clients. It will help you get a better idea of what is going on.

  3. Daniel Brook on Monday, June 21st, 2010 at 4:22 pm said:

    I followed these instructions and I’m not having any luck with Activating Office 2010. This is in a virtual test environment (SBS 2008, STD 2008 R2, Win 7 Ult) and it’s not working properly. DNS is setup and VAMT report two licensed products 2008 and Office 2010. Am I missing something?

    • Yes, you need three more machines to check in and try to get Office 2010 approved. You need a minimum of 5 machines checking in Office 2010 before they will activate.

  4. Thanks For the information shared..very helpful

  5. I have a windows 2008 Standard edtion KMS its up and runging for activate Windows 7, But i try to configure the current KMS for office 2010 i run “KeyManagementServiceHost” its give me error :”unsupporting operating system” ? Sho hwo to solve it i did install of office 2010 in 5 workstations ??

    Waiting from you ..

    • So right, Windows 2008 KMS will not activate Office 2010. You need to go download the updated KMS Host service. But according to Microsoft Windows 2008 Standard is not supported for the new install. 🙁

      From the download site – Supported Operating Systems: Windows 7; Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 2; Windows Server 2008 R2
      Windows Server 2003, Windows 7 (volume editions), or Windows Server 2008 R2

      Either update the KMS Server to Windows Server 2008 R2, or setup the Office KMS on a different box and use the VAMT to help manage the activations.

  6. Todd Thanks alot for your quick answer ..

  7. Amigo, How to puish the Office2010 to activate from specific MKS is there any manually command ?

    • I use slmgr.vbs /skms name-of-kms-server:port and that has worked for me in the past. The other tool you can use is the Volume Activation Management Tool. (VAMT)

  8. Hi Todd

    I dont have KMS server install on the network but i run Office 2K10 KMS Host on one of the PC which have windows 7 on. I already have 5 PCs which require Office to be activate. Will the activiation do it automatically or i need to do it manually under VAMT? (without KMS server). And is that anyway i can track of what KMS host are doing in the background? Cheers.

    • Activation should be automatic; if it isn’t working right, check your DNS. Run KMS for Office on the same machine you use for your KMS now. (If you have one) You can use VAMT and tell the computers to register office against a KMS server.

      KMS Server tracking? I don’t know of anything other than the command line options, but I am sure solutions exist for tracking. VAMT will give you an overview of what the workstations are doing with regards to KMS as well.

  9. I just got “Office 2K10 KMS host” will the functionility are the same as “KMS server”? I can activate office by using MAK key under VAMT but not KMS key. i already got 5 pcs which require activate but it wont activate automatically. i already check under DNS and the service record is there with the right computer name. Did some research about KMS tracking using command line but it wont work for me. I guess it will only work if a KMS server exist in the network.

    • Titus: Let me make sure I am clear.
      You have 5 computers with Office 2010. You downloaded the software to run a KMS host. You installed it on your current KMS Server and activated the KMS Service for Office 2010 using an Office 2010 KMS Key. Next you have 5 computers register against the KMS Server but after the 5th, machines still are not activating. The KMS Server does exist in DNS and the service points to the correct machine.

      Is this correct?

  10. Everything is correct except i only install “Office 2K10 KMS host (” without “KMS Server (” on a Windows 7 PC. Will that make a different without the KMS server? Thank Heaps

  11. Can i install KMS Server on Windows 7? or i need to have 2K8 R2?

  12. Can I install KMS host for Office 2010 in same machine i install KMS host for windows 7 or windows 2008?

  13. Hi Todd

    I have already managed to have the KMS server installed and licensed. I got a couple of things that i need to check with you namely,

    1) Is there a need to install office 2010 on the KMS host? If yes, can i use the free trial that can be download off Microsoft website and have it installed?

    2) What do i input for the product key? I key in the trial license key that i got from Microsoft and it worked. But when i keyed in the KMS key that i installed on the KMS host, it failed by saying, wrong product number.

    Appreciate your response.


    • Alex, no need to install Office 2010 on the KMS Host. You don’t use a key for the Office 2010 installations. You need to ensure you are using Volume License copies of Office, not retail.

  14. What DNS names are used for searching for KMS hosts?

  15. Hey Todd,

    I’ve set up an existing 2008 R2 server as a new Office 2010 KMS host no problem there. The problem is i need to add the windows 7 KMS license to it now but the server is already licensed with a 2008 R2 MAK key. Do i need to re-run the server license set up ? If so, how to do that without breaking KMS office set up? Is it possible?



    • Bill, it should just be a matter of going into control panel -> system and change product key. Use a KMS key and it should switch to KMS and not break the Office KMS. The office KMS is a separate add in. Worst case you may need to re-run the Office 2010 KMS registration.

  16. Todd,

    So far everything is just like you stated. I got another simple question and that is is there a way to force VAMT to go out and seek out the clients for Windows and Office 2010 to be activated? I have been successful in checking in a system but I have not hit the threshold yet. Will the server start puling in the systems as I hit the threshold for Win7 and Office 2010? By the way THANK YOU for the suggestions.

    • Ed, yes you can do a search on your network and VAMT will find the machines. Most of my computers (Vista at the time) were all MAK or OEM. I used VAMT to find them and then move them to KMS.

  17. Hi there,

    Great site. Very insightful.

    I have been told that if I create a Windows 7 image with Office 2010 built then I cannot use a KMS server to license Office 2010, it will have to be done with VAMT. This is due to sysprep issues. I am struggling to find anywhere to confirm this.


    • Calvin – I am not aware of that issue. In fact I know it is not the case, at least using MDT it isn’t. I don’t include Office 2010 in my image though, I install it silently as part of the MDT deployment.

  18. Hi Todd,

    Thanks for the useful post and the response to all the comments.

    I have a few questions hopefully you can answer,

    1. I have a KMS server installed for Win7 which I can see if recieving activation requests fine (and is currently up to 12). We are currently rolling out Win 7 Pro, but slowly, we may not reach the required 25 requests for them to actually activate before the OOB grace period expires on the first batch we deployed. Is there a way to get around this or will they need to be redeployed again?

    2. Also trying to set up KMS activation for Office 2010 Pro+ (as per this article) on the same server however I cannot activate Off2010 KMS key over the internet when the KMSHost program requests it ( local firewall rules, not easy to get around). I have tried following the instructions on Activating a KMS host by telephone here,

    But when I run the command “slmgr.vbs /dti bfe7a195-4f8f-4f0b-a622-cf13c7d16864” I get the message “Error: Product not found”.

    Any help you can offer would be appreciated.


    • 1. – just rearm the machines for oob. Alternatively, use VAMT to move them to MAK and then when you have enough machines, move them back to KMS using VAMT again.

      2. – I can’t remember how to do the phone activation for Office 2010 KMS host. I’ll have to look into it. The command you typed won’t work.

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  21. Todd,

    I have an error while installing in Windows 2008 r2 server standard edition. My MSO 2010 Pro+ host Installer says “Unsupported Operating System” and exits the installation when i try to install.

  22. Hi,

    I am trying to install the Office 2010 KMS Host. I get a confirmation saying “Microsoft Office 2010 KMS host product key has been successfully installed and activated” but when I try to verify that KMS is running (cscript.exe slmg.vbs /dli or dlv) I don’t see the KMS.

  23. Hi,

    I setup a KMS server to activate Office 2010 installs throughout our school district last year. It’s been working fine. It’s running on a Windows 2003 Enterprise R2 server. We now plan to move to Win7 next school year and I want to get the KMS server all setup for that to work (whilst I work on our Win7 image). I can’t find how to add the Windows 7 KMS key to the current KMS server already running. Any idea?


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  25. I am getting the following error after entering the KMS key:

    An error occurred: 0x80072EE2
    To display the error text, run the following:
    slui.exe 0x2a 0x80072EE2

    Any ideas?

    • It appears from the error message that your machine cannot communicate using WinHTTP for activation, which fails.

      Here is a post by Richard Hicks about this very problem.

    • Hello Joel McMillin.
      My name Kac; Sorry i bad speak English, but i had this problem. I am fix it.
      I install all kms (windows;office2010;office2013) on Windows server 2008 R2 Core.
      I do it:
      1. Delete key for Office 2013.
      2. Delete folder C:\Program Files (86)\Mscash\Office
      3. Reboot system
      4. Install KMS office2010 (.exe). Install KEY. But it not complete. This finished with you error.
      5. I install kms office 2013 (kms_host.vbs). Install complite.
      6. I try cscript C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs /ato bfe7a195-4f8f-4f0b-a622-cf13c7d16864 and it working.
      Now i have 3kms (windows;office2010-2013) on one server windows server 2008r2 Core.

  26. Thanks for this information Todd.

    When I try to install the Office 2010 KMS host software on my existing Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard server (already acting as a KMS host for Windows 7) I get this error:

    “Windows edition detected is not a VL edition. Microsoft Office 2010 KMS host requires a Windows VL edition.”

    This edition of Server 2008 was downloaded from the MS VLSC website and was installed using our volume license key, so I’m unsure as to what might be causing this.

    Any suggestions?

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