Enabling UEV in Windows 10 1607

Something new in Anniversary Update is UEV. Microsoft has moved it out of MDOP and put it into the operating system. Enabling and configuring it is pretty straight forward.

First you need Enterprise edition to make it work. Don’t have it, don’t even try this, it won’t work. If you have the MDOP version installed on Pro, upgrading it disables it. Word of warning.

Second you can use PowerShell and run:


You might think you are done. You are not, you have to enable the default templates.

Command for that is pretty straight forward:

Register-UevTemplate -Path C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\UEV\InboxTemplates\nameoftemplate.xml

That’s all there is to getting this going. Default save location is the home drive for the user. So if that is defined in AD, you are all set. If not, you can use GPO to set the storage location. Your choice on how you do this.


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