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Scripting Office 365 Tasks with PowerShell – Auto Logon

I’ve been spending most of my summer in what I like to affectionately call “Email Hell”. We moved 80,000 student mailboxes from Live@Edu to Office 365. We implemented Active Directory Synchronization and implemented a non-standard ADFS deployment to provide better service to BYOD laptops then you would get with a standard ADFS deployment. I’ll post about this on its own post. It’s a deep solution will probably be two posts.

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Instagram application for Windows Phone

So as many people know, I carry a Windows Phone among the many mobile devices I carry. Its an HTC 8X, and before that I had a Samsung Focus. I like the phone, works good for many things, but one of its drawbacks is its apps selection. One of the last major missing applications is Instagram. I use Instagram daily. I was surprised a couple of weeks back when my CIO posted a picture to Instagram of a tall ship. He carries a Samsung ATIV so I was wondering how he did that (cause he loves the phone and couldn’t see him carrying an android or iPhone) and he told me he used an application called Instance. Off to the Windows Phone Store I went looking for the application.

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