Deploying Windows to the Correct Drive in Configuration Manager

I was helping a customer deploy Windows 7 to a bunch of workstations recently. Yes, some customers continue to use it. One of the weird things you will have happen when installing Windows 7 from retail media to a machine in a System Center Configuration Manager deployment task sequence is the operating system (OS) drive will be D: instead of C:. It can very odd when you encounter it and if you have Line Of Business software that needs C: drive then you could be in trouble. Besides, who wants their OS on Drive D:? That’s just silly.

This is a known issue which is caused when the operating system was captured from the D: drive originally. In the case of the RTM Windows 7, it was captured from drive D:. Fortunately the fix is very simple when using System Center Configuration Manager 2012.

In System Center Configuration Manager, add a task variable called OSDPreserveDriveLetter and set the value to false. I’ll add a screenshot when I can to this. (Note to self, ask Garth for a screenshot. 😉 )

If you’ve used Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, you never had to do this as MDT just works properly. Its one of the reason’s you will see people use MDT to capture their image and then they import it over to System Center Configuration Manager environment.


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