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Real Time Block Lists with Palo Alto Firewalls

If you use a Palo Alto firewall, a new feature since PanOS 5.0 is the real time block lists. I’ve had a few people ask me how to set them up so here is the instructions.

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OWSUG Meeting – Windows 7 Security Tidbits & Understanding and Preventing Insider Threat

This looks like an excellent event to attend. I strongly recommend this one to anyone who can make it out to the event.

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Windows 7 – The Lineup is Released

Microsoft announced their Windows 7 lineup today. The plan for Windows 7 is to promote 2 main versions in North America, Professional and Home Premium, but the other versions will be there as well.

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Conficker Virus

A new worm is making the rounds to machines which haven’t been kept up to date with security updates. The worm works because of an exploit which was patched in October’s Out-of-Band patch , which I blogged about.

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Windows 7 Beta

The Windows 7 Beta was to have been released to the general public and you were to get the beta through the Windows 7 page at Microsoft.com http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/. Having went to the page and looking around, I clicked on IT Pro. From there a page comes up and says basically that the interest in Windows 7 was so great that were experiencing some problems because of the heavy traffic. They will be adding more resources so that the download experience will be better and then will be posting the beta. Check out this link to the Windows 7 Team Blog for the latest information. 

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Windows 7

I am sitting in the 2nd Day keynote and they are talking about Windows 7. I had a chance to see it in action on Sunday. Here are some of the highlights for System Administrators:

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Critical Out-of-Band Hotfix

I was sitting on the couch last night relaxing from a busy day in Ottawa and I received an email on my Blackberry indicating there was an out-of-band hotfix. You don’t normally see these type of hotfixes, so when one comes along its best to try and implement them asap. Continue Reading

Microsoft Security Bulletin Advanced Notification for October

The October advanced notification is posted at http://www.microsoft.com/technet/security/bulletin/ms08-oct.mspx. This will give you advanced notice of what updates you can expect see next Tuesday, when Microsoft releases their security patches.

EnergizeIT Certification Boot Camps

Microsoft has a event tour going around Canada in support of EnergizeIT in Toronto. They are giving out a copy of a Study Kit and a voucher and will be presenting some information on Windows Server 2008, Virtualization Security and a Security Bootcamp.

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NSA Security Guides

The National Security Agency in the United States has posted their 60 Minute Network Security Guide.

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