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Simspon’s Live Action Intro

At some point, someone had to create the Simpson’s opening in real life. Well that some point has finally arrived. Check out the Live Action version of the Simpson’s opening. I will say it looks really well.

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Take On Me–North Korean Style

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Why Little Tyler Wasn’t at School Yesterday

I saw this picture this morning and thought it was pretty funny. When you are absent from class, nothing like having a letter from the President of the United States to state your absence. Being with the president should count for some sort of course credit.

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Time Change Tonight

Just a friendly reminder that the time changes tonight. We “spring ahead” one hour. I am looking forward to more evening hours daylight although the darker mornings won’t be as nice.

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Time Change–Fall Back an Hour

Time change is with us again. Remember to set your clocks back an hour. Hopefully, no one is running old systems which will fail to adjust the time automatically. Continue Reading

Time Change Tonight – Setting the Time Source in Linux

Just a reminder to everyone (at least in North America) that time changes tonight. We fall back an hour and gain an hour of sleep.  Always check your systems tomorrow to ensure they changed correctly.

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TechDays Canada 2009

TechDays is now in full swing. Vancouver and Toronto have both been completed and have gone well. The remaining cities are coming along in November and December.

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Computer Naming Conventions

I am just browsing Slashdot this evening and I see a interesting article on naming conventions.

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Google Search is Broken


I was searching this morning when I started to notice warnings that the site I am being directed to might contain malware. I did a news search and sure enough, I am seeing Google Screenshotresults in thailand and on a site called Neowin reporting the same thing.  Here is a screenshot of what I am seeing searching Notice how their entire site might harm your computer. 

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North American Time Change

Again, its the time of the year for the clocks to go back an hour. I forgot to mention this last week, so a little late. By now, hopefully all our workstations and servers are patched and we are not having any issues with the change in time.