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Simspon’s Live Action Intro

At some point, someone had to create the Simpson’s opening in real life. Well that some point has finally arrived. Check out the Live Action version of the Simpson’s opening. I will say it looks really well.

You can find the video at the top of the page at Here’s a still picture from the video, it looks great.














Take On Me–North Korean Style

I saw this video posted to a friends Facebook page. Maybe they are not as crazy as we think they are, just maybe stuck in the 80s.  (No I am still thinking crazy)

Definitely thought of @accordionguy when I saw this one.

Why Little Tyler Wasn’t at School Yesterday

I saw this picture this morning and thought it was pretty funny. When you are absent from class, nothing like having a letter from the President of the United States to state your absence. Being with the president should count for some sort of course credit.




Time Change Tonight

Just a friendly reminder that the time changes tonight. We “spring ahead” one hour. I am looking forward to more evening hours daylight although the darker mornings won’t be as nice.

Back when I worked in the hospital system in Northern Ontario, we used to run a VAX VMS 3000. It didn’t support the time change. What we did was scheduled a job to run at 2:00am to either move the time ahead or move the time back.

I am going to go digging, but I also know there is a time zone editor Microsoft released a few years back to help with time changes.

Time Change–Fall Back an Hour

Time change is with us again. Remember to set your clocks back an hour. Hopefully, no one is running old systems which will fail to adjust the time automatically. Continue Reading

Time Change Tonight – Setting the Time Source in Linux

Just a reminder to everyone (at least in North America) that time changes tonight. We fall back an hour and gain an hour of sleep.  Always check your systems tomorrow to ensure they changed correctly.

Last spring I made a post on on Windows Server 2008.  Nothing has changed, so no need to rehash it. Just remember, if you need to set a time source for your Windows Domain, run the commands on your Windows Server with the PDC emulator role.

If  you are using Linux, some versions have a command named ntupdate to update against a time server. This command also works in FreeBSD and probably other *nix environments.  The command line  to update against a server (in this case the NRC) is:  ntpdate If you want it to update automatically, add the command as a cronjob. 

Finally, if you are using ntpd, change the servers by editing the /etc/ntp.conf file.  Add the line server to add the time server at the NRC.

TechDays Canada 2009

TechDays is now in full swing. Vancouver and Toronto have both been completed and have gone well. The remaining cities are coming along in November and December.

I will be presenting three sessions in Ottawa this year. Two sessions are part of the Windows Client track on Day 1 and one is in the Servers, Security and Management track on Day 2.

Windows Client Track

TechDays Speaker Client Track

Session 1: Microsoft Deployment Toolkit 2010: The Next Generation
Windows 7 is finally out and the wait to deploy is over. Now what? How do you get Windows installed on 10 or 100 or 1000 desktops with all the drivers and applications required? Attend this session and get ahead of the curve and be prepared to walk through installation, image creation, and deployment scenarios.

Session 2: A Geek’s Guide to Windows User State Migration Tool 4.0
Maintaining user profiles and data is critical to a successful deployment of Windows. This session shows how Windows User State Migration Tool (USMT) 4.0 can be used as an integral part of a fully automated deployment environment. The session covers advanced techniques for migrating user files and settings, including modifying and troubleshooting user state migration.

Servers, Security and Management

TechDays Speaker Server Track

Session 4: Best Practices in Architecting and Implementing Windows Server Update Services (WSUS)
You’re using WSUS, but are you using it to its fullest extent? In this tips and tricks session, learn the best ways to architect and implement WSUS for the improved security of your organization. Learn the best ways to manage your updates on both servers and clients for high-reliability application. Plus, learn a few tricks to speed up the update installation process, as well as ways to enforce that updates are installed to computers in your environment.


Be sure to sign up and come out to the TechDays event in your area. I think you will find the information being presented useful, and you will be able to take what you have learned at TechDays and use it back in your own environment.

Computer Naming Conventions

I am just browsing Slashdot this evening and I see a interesting article on naming conventions.

I always find it interesting how people name machines. Some people name their servers based on a theme like cartoon characters or vehicles, ie, Homer, Bart, Maggie, etc. Others will use a scientific approach, like S-NX-MX-01 where the letters will represent type, location, role, and seniority number. I think a case can be made for using both types of naming conventions. Cartoon characters names can be redirected using a CNAME DNS entry so www points to homer or SQL points to Maggie and it gives some freedom to the naming. People also tell me they will use different themes based on location. For example, one lab might be Simpsons, another Star Wars. Draw backs to the arbitrary naming convention is you can’t look at a server and know where it is and what is does. That being said, if using the scientific approach and a machine is moved or re-purposed, you then have to rename for it to make sense. Nothing worst then a machine being moved but not renamed, and then going to look for it.

Myself, I use a little of both types of naming. My workstations are named pretty scientific, they are matched up to a map that sits at the circ desk so patron computer number 12 is named, patron12. My servers are also scientific, but my test lab has all cartoon character names.

No matter what you choose as a naming convention for your machines, the thing is, make it easy to remember for you and document for the next person, in case you win the lottery.

Google Search is Broken


I was searching this morning when I started to notice warnings that the site I am being directed to might contain malware. I did a news search and sure enough, I am seeing Google Screenshotresults in thailand and on a site called Neowin reporting the same thing.  Here is a screenshot of what I am seeing searching Notice how their entire site might harm your computer. 

This is definitely embarrassing for Google. People can’t use their product, it will drive people to alternative search engines, at least while it is broken. I imagine it will be fixed sometime today but it the meantime, you can use the old standby’s of,,  or


Edit: Fixed now at 10:29am EST

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North American Time Change

Again, its the time of the year for the clocks to go back an hour. I forgot to mention this last week, so a little late. By now, hopefully all our workstations and servers are patched and we are not having any issues with the change in time.