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Drivers Showing as Unsigned in Configuration Manager 2012 R2

A customer has a problem with importing drivers for their Surface Pro 3 devices in System Center Configuration Manager 2012 R2.

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Problems Deploying Apps with System Center 2012 R2 in an OSD Task Sequence

Onsite at one of my customer’s sites we are deploying operating systems with a Config Manager 2012 R2 task sequence (TS). The issue I was having was the applications were not installing. They were set to deploy in a task sequence without deployment so that wasn’t the issue. Looking at the log, (logs are your friend, use them) and I discovered this:

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Upgrading a Windows Server 2003 Domain Controller

Customers seem to be finally getting the message about end of support for Windows Server 2003. Support ends in July. (July 14,2015 actually) So I have been assisting customers in preparing for their upgrade.

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Installing and Updating Adobe Reader

I am working with a customer and assisting them with their application updates. One of the applications needing updating is Adobe Acrobat Reader MUI. This version of Adobe Reader allows it to be displayed in English or French depending on what language the user is using. Reader is also one of those pain in the ass applications that nag the user to update all the time, so getting in front of this one and updating proactively is always a good way to get ahead of the bullshit calls you’ll get to the service desk. The users shouldn’t have to be asked if they want to update. We should be managing that for them and we know if we can update based on testing those patches.

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Fix a Windows Machine not getting its info from the KMS Server

I’ve noticed over the past little bit where servers were reporting they were not genuine. We have a KMS infrastructure and machines are authenticating against it, yet we are seeing some that are not able to talk any more.

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Pushing out the Windows 8.1 Update

Windows 8.1 Update 1 came out last week. There is a way as a user you can fetch this, but if you are an admin you can push this out. Let me walk you through this. If you are running Windows 8.1 you will need to upgrade if you plan to continue receive security fixes.

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Managing Drivers in Task Sequences with System Center Configuration Manager 2012

When of the question I always get when deploying Windows whether it be Microsoft Deployment Toolkit or System Center Configuration Manager is how to I properly deploy drivers.

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Planning a Windows 7 Deployment

Last July I left the County of Lennox & Addington and moved to the Upper Canada District School Board. One of the the first things I helped with was the Windows 7 Deployment.

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Slow Logins

20071205_slow_sign2_3Just before Christmas holidays, we started receiving calls about sporadic slow logins in our schools. Now slow logins can be a real pain to troubleshoot and somewhat difficult to replicate the issues. We also noticed it was only student logins with the issue. Staff and admin logins were not affected.

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P2V Migration for Software Assurance

On Microsoft Connect in the Solutions Accelerator section, there is a new program to play with. It is the Physical to Virtual (P2V) for Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT). It will automate turning a Windows XP computer into a Windows XP mode virtual machine. Continue Reading